Like a Butterfly


Like a butterfly

It was summer,

I’d just turned nineteen.

You were there, visiting from far away.

I’d wake up feeling that I’d see you that day

and would wait for you.

I’d keep my eyes on the road,

and I’d fly to meet you

as soon I’d see you.

You’d smile and pinch my arm.

I’d scream protesting with playful voice,

and run away.

 *     *     *

Like a butterfly dancing around a light bulb,

I’d hover around you.

You were the light I was attracted to.

And I was your muse, later you’d tell me.

Our playing was talking love,

but neither one of us dared to say.

You thought I was too young for you.

*   *   *

We promised each other forever love.

It seemed a simple promise at that time:

I loved being with you.

You loved watching me fly like a butterfly.

We were in love.

*     *     *

We got married,

and we flew together to a foreign land.

There I was a wife and

I had to learn to live with you.

Your shifts of moods would one day

make me the queen on your throne;

and later

I wouldn’t exist to you.

*     *     *

Your anger was thin lines that I couldn’t see.

I stumbled in and out the frame you had set to me.

I locked myself in a cage of fear,

and built its bars of things that

made you angry at me.

Your light grew stronger.

It blinded me.

It burnt me.

We fought and argued,

and for days, weeks or a month,

you wouldn’t talk to me.

That was your punishment

for mistakes you said I had made.

* * *

My wings shrank.

My soul ached.

One day I couldn’t fly anymore,

and you didn’t like it.

You said that I stopped loving you,

that I was indifferent and I didn’t care.

You said I wasn’t anymore

the butterfly you once knew.

You never thought why.

  *     *     *

I couldn’t be a framed butterfly,

You’d let it free when you were pleased.

You couldn’t read me, or understand me,

I withdrew in myself.

I became another person.

I changed.

 And you ask why!

by Diana Atwani


2 thoughts on “Like a Butterfly

  1. What a touching poem!
    I love your writings and I will be waiting for more in the very near future.
    I cannot decide though which language I prefer to read you because each time I read something you wrote in English, French, or Arabic, I say it is definitely the best language you express yourself through.
    Waiting for much more

    Liked by 1 person

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