Waiting for what?…

When I look at the all “waiting for something” in our life I feel that life slips besides us while this endless “waitings”: waiting to graduate from school, from university, waiting for a job, for the children born, for their first steps and then to go to school. Waiting to reach a destination, waiting to see someone, waiting, waiting, waiting… in every fraction of second and we miss living the moment. We miss enjoying our youth; we miss enjoying our children growing up; we miss preparing food with love as we wait to finish the work. We miss being creative at our jobs as we wait to go home, we miss many things in life; we miss living.

If we are not projecting ourselves forward waiting for the future, we go backward ruminating on the past. We beat ourselves for what we call mistakes; we judge the others and we curse the circumstances. And again we miss the present.

Lots of people get exhausted because of this senseless to and fro movements in time. It is okay to look at the past and learn from its lessons and it is only “lessons” however it was “good” or “bad” so no need to get stuck there thinking about it all the time: why you acted in this way; why you didn’t answer differently; why you failed this class, and why they rejected you at that job … etc. When you have faith in God’s wisdom, you will be certain that “it is always as perfect as it is,” a dear friend always repeated this sentence.

Open yourself for tomorrow without limiting it by your needs. Project your wishes in the abundant space that fills your inner being uniting it with the vast space that envelops us. Do your part and leave the rest to God or to the universe. But don’t forget to stay in the moment, to live the present sweet or bitter it is. Life offers us infinite possibilities, and to capture what is good for us, we need to be fully present in each moment.


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